POPs Toolkit Glossary


ValidationConfirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that the particular requirements for a specific intended use have been fulfilled. In design and development, validation concerns the process of examining a product or result to determine conformance to user needs.
Value of a Statistical Life (VSL)The standard approach to placing a dollar value on the life-saving benefits of an action based on societal willingness to pay (WTP) for mortality risk reductions. Also a convenient way to summarize the value of small reductions in mortality risks. A statistical life is not any individual person's life; it represents the change in premature mortality across a population from any given cause.
VaporThe gas given off by substances that are solids or liquids at ordinary atmospheric pressure and temperatures.
Vapor PressureA measure of a substance's propensity to evaporate, vapor pressure is the force per unit area exerted by vapor in an equilibrium state with surroundings at a given pressure. It increases exponentially with an increase in temperature. A relative measure of chemical volatility, vapor pressure is used to calculate water partition coefficients and volatilization rate constants.
VerificationConfirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that specified requirements have been fulfilled. In design and development, verification concerns the process of examining a result of a given activity to determine conformance to the stated requirements for that activity.
VolatileAny substance that evaporates readily.
Voluntary AgreementsVoluntary initiatives range from arrangements in which the parties (usually enterprises or their trade associations) set their own targets, on toxics-use reduction for example, and often do their own monitoring and reporting, to commitments made by an industrial sector in negotiation with public authorities, or government.
Hatfield Consultants The World Bank funded by the Canadian POPs Trust Fund through the      
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