POPs Toolkit Glossary


Water Quality CriteriaLevels of water quality expected to render a body of water suitable for its designated use. Criteria are based on specific levels of pollutants that would make the water harmful if used for drinking, swimming, farming, fish production, or industrial processes.
Water Quality StandardsState-adopted and EPA-approved ambient standards for water bodies. The standards prescribe the use of the water body and establish the water quality criteria that must be met to protect designated uses.
Water SolubilityThe maximum possible concentration of a chemical compound dissolved in water. If a substance is water soluble it can very readily disperse through the environment.
Weight of Scientific EvidenceConsiderations in assessing the interpretation of published information about toxicity - quality of testing methods, size and power of study design, consistency of results across studies, and biological plausibility of exposure-response relationships and statistical associations.
WHOWorld Health Organization.
Willingness-to-Pay (WTP)The stated price that an individual would accept to pay for avoiding the loss or the diminution of an environmental service.
Hatfield Consultants The World Bank funded by the Canadian POPs Trust Fund through the      
Canadian International Development Agency
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