Harmful Effects of Agent Orange/dioxin on the health of dioxin-exposed Vietnamese

This paper deals with two issues:

  1. Confirming that many Vietnamese soldiers and people were exposed to dioxin at a level many times higher than what is considered safe.
  2. Determining that many dioxin-related diseases have been found among Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, including those recognized by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS 1996), and some others found uniquely in Vietnam.

The health of Agent Orange victims were studied in phases at Military Hospital 108 (project NN64A-01-01), Hospital 103, Hospital 175, Military Medical Academy, and Hanoi Medical University. In the first phase, a study was done only on patients treated at the hospitals. In the second phase, the study was expanded to other dioxin-exposed people and soldiers in the North and the South of Vietnam. In addition, investigation were made of the abnormal pregnancies among dioxin-exposed women or wives of men exposed to dioxin, as well as into their descendants' congenital defects.

Main results:

  • Many dioxin-exposed Vietnamese (soldiers and people) are infected with high levels of dioxin
  • Harmful effects on the health of dioxin-exposed people
  • Abnormal pregnancies and congenital defects relating to dioxin

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Source: Danish Vietnamese Association

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