Agent Orange/dioxin and its consequenses on Human health through epidimilogical studies survey: retrospective study, evaluation, and analysis

Committee 10-80, together with national research establishments,  conducted dozens of epidemiological surveys to study the effects of Agent Orange/dioxin on the general and reproductive health (reproductive accidents, congenital malformations) of dioxin-exposed people.

Subjects and methods of Study

1. Subjects:

1.1 Variable group (Exposed to toxic chemicals)

  • Northern veterans who served in toxic chemically-sprayed areas in the South during wartime and are no longer exposed
  • Populations living in sprayed areas in South Vietnam, who are presently exposed to dioxin.

1.2 Control group (not exposed to toxic chemicals)

  • Northern veterans who served only in the North.
  • Populations of some communes in North Vietnam.

2. Methods:

2.1 Methods: Meta-analysis, an analysis of the results of independent studies, designed according to retrospective epidemiological surveys.

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Source: Danish Vietnamese Association

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