Da Nang needs US$14 million for Agent Orange clean up

Xuan Linh,
VietNamNet Bridge

Sept 9, 2008

Kevin Teichman, Co-Chairman of the Vietnam- US Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) said a series of efforts will be needed to clean up the remnants of Agent Orange and dioxins left over from the war at Da Nang International Airport.

Teichman is in the capital of Hanoi to attend the third annual meeting of the Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange/dioxin in Hanoi, where the committee discussed the use of the US Senate’s $3 million grant to Vietnam.

Da Nang International Airport is a “hot” spot, with dioxin content levels 300-400 times greater than permitted levels. Estimates have put the cost of the airport clean up at $14 million. Half of the US grant will be spent on pollution treatment.

“$3 million is a huge amount of money. We are pleased because other organizations observe our job and they wish to support us. I think we can combine various sources to achieve a better result, and hope to receive much more assistance,” he said.

The JAC Co-Chairman said work with Vietnam has gone smoothly and he hopes to use the $3 million grant to improve both the environment and public health in the area.

“Last year’s result was a success and I hope it will be better still next year,” Teichmen said.

The JAC sees the participation of representatives from the US Departments of State, Defence, and Health and Human Services, the Environment Protection Agency, and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

The committee works to increase the bilateral coordination and cooperation in health care and study of AO/dioxin impacts on the environment through scientific discussions to provide suggestions to the two governments for future policy reference.



Source: VietnamNet Bridge

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