Environmental Mass Spectrometry: Emerging Contaminants and Current Issues (2006)

Susan D. Richardson
National Exposure Research Laboratory, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Athens, Georgia 30605


This biennial review covers developments in environmental mass spectrometry over the period of 2004-2005. A few significant references that appeared between January and February 2006 are also included. Analytical Chemistry’s current policy is to limit reviews to include 100-200 significant references and to mainly focus on new trends. As a result, as was done in the previous 2004 Environmental Mass Spectrometry review (1), this 2006 review will be limited in its focus to new, emerging contaminants and environmental issues that are driving most of the current research. Even with a more narrow focus, only a small fraction of the quality research publications could be discussed. Thus, this review will not be comprehensive, but will highlight new areas and discuss representative papers in the areas of focus.

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Source: Analytical Chemistry 2006, 78, 4021-4046

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