Site Prioritization Tool

The purpose of the Site Prioritization Tool is to classify contaminated sites based on their need for a risk assessment.

The tool asks the user a series of questions regarding: contaminant characteristics, off-site migration potential, exposure and socio-economic factors. Then, based on the answers provided, calculates a total score for that site.

Using the total scores, the sites should be classified into the following categories:

  • Class 1 – High priority for risk assessment
  • Class 2 – Medium-high priority for risk assessment
  • Class 3 – Medium priority for risk assessment
  • Class 4 – Low priority for risk assessment
  • Class N – Not a priority for risk assessment

To see how your answers are scored, and how the tool asks questions, view this page.

Prioritizing a site without sufficient information

It is acknowledged that the user may not know the answer for many of the questions. Therefore, for most questions, one of the answer options is “do not know”, and an intermediate score is assigned to these questions. Once the tool has been completed, the percentage of questions answered “do not know” is calculated. If the percentage is greater than 30% of total responses, then the site is considered to have insufficient information. Additional information gathering should be conducted and the site ranked again.

Start the Site Prioritization Tool

Start the Site Prioritization Tool

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