Recommending Management Alternatives

Once all technologies and implementation options have been weighed, the concerned officials will recommend risk management alternatives from those developed and evaluated in the risk management decision process.

Criteria for Recommendations

The person who proposes a list of recommended management alternatives is responsible for demonstrating to decision-makers that the recommended actions meet the following criteria:

  • They are protective of present and future public health, safety and welfare and of the environment;
  • Are based on balancing different key factors;
  • Treat hot spots of contamination to the extent feasible; and
  • Take into consideration the concerns of stakeholders.

As a rule, the least expensive, more protective alternative is preferred, unless the additional cost of a more expensive alternative is justified by proportionately greater benefits within one or more of the weighting factors.

Recommending management options is a balancing act
Source: Hatfield Consultants
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