Developing the List of Options

For contaminated sites, the initial list of risk management options can be developed relatively easily by assessing each exposure scenario separately. As discussed in the Risk Assessment Training Module, unacceptable risk requires (1) a chemical hazard (2) a receptor and (3) a pathway linking the hazard and receptor. The list of potential options for management can be developed by considering each of these components separately:

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Chemical Hazard: Risk management approaches addressing the chemical hazard usually involve the removal of the contaminants from soil, sediments or groundwater.

Pathway: Risk Management approaches addressing the pathway usually involve placing a barrier between the contamination and the receptor.

Receptor: Risk Management approaches addressing the receptor usually involve restricting receptor access to the site.

The list is then shortened during the Screening Steps.

A long list of options should look at lessening a chemical hazard, a receptor and/or a pathway
Source: Hatfield Consultants
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