Qualitative Screening by Ease of Implementation

Each risk management alternative shall be assessed for the ease or difficulty of implementing the remedial action, by considering the following criteria, as appropriate:

  • Practical, technical, and legal difficulties and unknowns associated with the construction and implementation of a technology, engineering control, or institutional control, including potential scheduling delays;
  • The ability to monitor the effectiveness of the remedy;
  • Consistency with national and local requirements; activities needed to coordinate with other agencies; and the ability and time required to obtain any necessary authorization from other governmental bodies;
  • Availability of necessary services, materials, equipment, and specialists, including the availability of adequate off-site treatment, storage, disposal capacity and services, and availability of prospective technologies; and
  • Any other information relevant to implementation.

Next Steps

Qualitative screening by Implementation Risk

Risk management options should be screened based on Implementation factors
Source: Hatfield Consultatns
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