Screening Steps

Once the long list of potential actions has been developed, preliminary and qualitative screening will narrow down the options for detailed analysis:

  1. Preliminary screening is performed based on an broad technical effectiveness in reducing site risks. It does not consider the country or site-specific context of the problem (i.e., including politics, societal values or economic issues).
  2. Qualitative screening is performed to eliminate actions that are highly unlikely to be effective, manageable and/or enforceable. Therefore, unlike the preliminary screening step, the qualitative screening step incorporates the country and site-specific context, including local perceptions and values, resources available, and compatibility with existing national policies, goals and prior practices, etc.


Remediation options should go through both a preliminary and a qualitative screening
Source: Hatfield Consultants
Hatfield Consultants The World Bank funded by the Canadian POPs Trust Fund through the      
Canadian International Development Agency
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