Defining Risk Communication Stakeholder Groups

Those involved in risk management decision-making are:

  • Those responsible for the project or in a position of authority and can make decisions about management;
  • Those responsible for gathering data, creating documents and developing recommended risk reduction strategies;
  • Local authorities of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) who might be responsible for implementing the risk reduction strategy; and
  • Those interested or affected parties who need to be consulted during the management implementation and during post-project monitoring.

Example stakeholder groups include:

  • industry associations, representatives of environmental and consumer groups, communities and citizens, international agencies, neighboring countries, trading partners, etc.

Even if some of the groups or parties are likely to be involved in the Risk Management process in the late stages, efforts should be made to involve them at an early stage.  When parties or groups are involved in discussions with diverse groups with a wide range of skills and abilities the discussions should be conducted in a way that ensures that everyone can understand the topics.

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