Key Issues to address in an Evaluation

Defining issues to be addressed is essential in all evaluation work. The following are the basic groups of questions to be asked:

  • Relevance - whether the results, purpose and overall objectives of the project are in line with the needs, priorities and aspirations of the beneficiaries, and with the policy.
  • Impact - Whether there has been a change towards the achievement of the overall goals as a consequence of the achievement of the RM action - intended and unintended impacts
  • Efficiency - how economically have the various inputs been converted into outputs and results?
  • Effectiveness - how far have the programme’s impacts contributed to achieving its specific and general objectives?
  • Utility - how do the programme’s impacts compare with the needs of the target population(s)?
  • Sustainability - to what extent can the positive changes be expected to last after the programme has been terminated?



Adapted from Evaluating EU Expenditure Programmes – A Guide – Ex Post and Intermediate Evaluation (pdf file), EU Directorate General XIX, 1997

Defining issues to be addressed is essential in all evaluation work
Source: Hatfield Consultants
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