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Use this tool to calculate the Hazard Quotient (HQ) for a threshold contaminant (see training material for more information).
If a Hazard Quotient greater than 0.2 is calculated, a risk to human health potentially exists.

Data from the Cambodia Sambour EDC Waterhouse Risk Assessment case study for the Cambodia Child Dormatory Resident has been loaded. Detailed information on this data can be read in the case study risk assessment report.

Accidental Soil Ingestion Dose Calculation (show)

Water Ingestion Dose Calculation (show)

Food Ingestion Dose Calculation (show)

Inhalation of contaminated particles Dose Calculation (show)

Dermal contact with contaminated soil Dose Calculation (show)

Calculation of Hazard Quotient:

HQ = (DoseSoilIngestion + DoseWaterIngestion + DoseFoodIngestion + DoseParticleInhalation + DoseDermalContact) =

TDI = mg/kg - day Tolerable daily intake (TDI) (see Table: Health Canada’s TDIs, or US EPA's TDIs).
DoseSoilIngestion = mg/kg - day
DoseWaterIngestion = mg/kg - day
DoseFoodIngestion = mg/kg - day
DoseParticleInhalation = mg/kg - day
DoseDermalContact = mg/kg - day
Total Dose =   mg/kg - day
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